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Jordon Aw - Estate Planner & Life Planning Advisor

A Senior Franchisee Of Rockwills | Frachisee Code: R0006040


My name is Jordon Aw. I am representing GEN Team Agency and we are the senior franchisee of Rockwills Malaysia. We offer a comprehensive range of Estate Planning services such as Will Writing, Trust Set-Up, Business Buy-Sell Trust, Executorship, and Estate Administration in Malaysia. Let our team help you find the best-suited solutions and guide you with the complete estate planning solutions which match your needs. You can entrust your Estate Planning needs with us as we have long years of experience.
我的名字是Jordon Aw。我是代表 GEN Team Agency,我们是马来西亚 Rockwills 的高级特许经营商。我们在马来西亚提供全面的遗产规划服务,例如遗嘱书写、信托设立、商业买卖信托、遗嘱执行人和遗产管理。让我们的团队帮助您找到最适合的解决方案,并指导您制定符合您需求的完整遗产规划解决方案。您可以将您的遗产规划需求委托给我们,因为我们拥有多年的经验。

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Jordon Aw - Estate Planner & Life Planning Advisor

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Jordon Aw - Estate Planner & Life Planning Advisor

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