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Foreign Will Writing Service

Owning assets overseas has become increasingly common nowadays, especially for the higher income group. However, after acquiring those assets, many are unaware of the issues of inheritance and legal complications in respect of administrations of foreign assets upon their demise. Even if they do, chances are that they may include all their assets into the same Will regardless of where those assets are located.

Due to the different laws and foreign jurisdictions that can apply, handling assets for distribution to your loved ones can be very tricky. This could also cause delay because the Malaysian probate must be obtained first, then followed by subsequent applications for probate in the other countries, whether by way of resealing of the Malaysian probate or fresh applications for probates. This would simply mean additional costs and expensive foreign legal fees would be incurred. More importantly, beneficiaries will inherit less.

由于各国适用的法律和司法管辖区差异,处理资产继承和分配给您的亲人可能非常棘手。首先马来西亚遗嘱必须在马来西亚获取其高等法院的遗嘱认证,随后才到其他国家向该国法院申请遗嘱认证,无论是通过重新盖章马来西亚遗嘱认证, 或是重新授予获得的遗嘱认证,这都会消耗更多时间而导致延误。这也意味着将产生额外费用和昂贵的外国法律费用。更重要的是,受益人将继承到的相应会更少了