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Rockwills Trustee Berhad provides a wide range of Trust services, from private trust to pet trust, insurance trust, buy-sell trust and family trust. We also have specialists who can provide comprehensive planning, structures for succession and family office services.


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Jordon Aw - Estate Planner & Life Planning Advisor

Trustee for Specific Purpose

When you have various people or causes that you want to take care of, it makes sense to set up a Trust. For instance, you can setup a family trust to take care of your aged parents and/or loved ones when you are no longer around, for children’s education and even for charity gifting. The assets in your specific purpose Trust will not form part of your estate and therefore can flow easily to your beneficiaries, with minimum hassle.


Jordon Aw - Estate Planner & Life Planning Advisor

Annuity Trust

When you invest in properties you may choose to channel any rental income towards your spouse, children and loved ones. Our Annuity Trust can help to maximise savings in a tax efficient manner by providing an optimum solution for you and your family.

Jordon Aw - Estate Planner & Life Planning Advisor

Declaration Trust

It pays to be prepared for the future. You can do this by setting up a Declaration Trust and appointing yourself as the Trustee with us as your back-up Trustee. In the event of a specified matter such as death, total and permanent disability, critical illness and so on, we will step in as Trustee to help administer your assets according to your wishes.

Jordon Aw - Estate Planner & Life Planning Advisor

Pet Trust

Your beloved dog, cat or whole menagerie of pets may be of concern to you, should you not be around to take care of them. We truly understand how much your pet means to you. Rockwills is the first in Malaysia to provide Pet Trust services so you can appoint a guardian, allocate funds and anything else needed to take care of the welfare of your pets.