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I want my will kept in a safe place

As important as the Will Writing Service is, it is just as important that when the time comes, your Will is easily retrieved. A Will that cannot be found is as good as not having written one in the first place. Keeping it in the right place can ensure that your Will can be found easily, whenever you need it.

Keep your Will safe and secure in the right place so that your appointed Executor can access it easily. Enjoy peace of mind with the Will Custody service by Rockwills, as the confidentiality of your Will is assured with us. Your Will will be kept safely in our 24/7 monitored custody centre.


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Custody Services Facility|遗嘱保管中心的设施

Biometric Access | 生物识别访问权限

Secure system with controlled access to authorised personnel only.

Optimum Conditions | 最佳环境

Humidity control ensures that documents stored will retain their original form.

24-hour Security | 24 小时监控

CCTV monitoring and fire/flood equipment for protection against disasters.

Good Location | 绝佳地理位置

Our facility is located close to a police station (100 m) and fire brigade (under 2 km).
毗邻警察局(100 米)与消防局(少于2公里)。